Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Time of the Crescent Moon Draws Near...

Revelation of Saint John, Chapter 6:13: And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

On this, the fouth anniversary of America's unexplainable incursion into the land of ancient Babylon, the wind of a mighty force blows...inexplicably to the distress of the nations, an action of far greater atrophy awaits in the wings of prophecy, as the following story from the Sisterhood of Sorcha Faal attempts to explain:

In yet another blow to the Global War aims of the United States, the most militarily powerful Nation in the Middle East, Turkey, has ordered its Military Forces to prepare to invade Iraq.
Prime Minister Erdogan, along with the head of Turkey’s Military Forces, General Yasar Buyukanit, have taken this extraordinary step over the United States failure to contain the growing threat of Iraq’s Kurdish population and their fears that the Americans plan to set up an Independent Kurdish Nation.

According to Turkish press reports all Military leave in Turkey has been cancelled in preparation for war, and as we can read as reported by Turkey’s Zaman News Service in their report titled "Turkey readying for spring offensive against PKK", and which says:

"The leaves of military personnel have been canceled and additional forces have been deployed to the border with Iraq as the military apparently prepares for an operation against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
The measures come amid frustration with US inactivity against the PKK and the expected infiltration of PKK militants from their mountain bases in northern Iraq with the arrival of spring.
The military put all troops on alert at the Iraqi border after receiving intelligence reports that the PKK would carry out attacks as the snow melts in mountain passes, thus easing passage from Iraq to Turkey."

The United States has further inflamed the passions of Turkey’s Political and Military Leadership with the American US Congress’ planned adoption of a resolution condemning Turkey’s Armenian Genocide, to which Turkey has vehemently denied.
Though the American White House and the United States Top Military Leaders have urged the US Congress not to adopt an Armenian Genocide measure their efforts appear to be failing, and to which Turkey has warned will call for the immediate expulsion of all US Military Forces from Turkish soil.

American War Leaders knowing of Turkey’s intention to invade Iraq have, likewise, issued the Turks a warning:

"The United States made it clear on Monday that it "certainly" opposed any Turkish military action inside northern Iraq to fight the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party's presence there.
A top Turkish military commander at the weekend reaffirmed Ankara's right under international law to send troops into northern Iraq to attack the PKK terrorists hiding there if it saw fit. "Under international law, Turkey can always take measures against the terrorist organization in northern Iraq if our military needs require it," Army Commander Gen. İlker Başbuğ told reporters in Diyarbakır in the Southeast, the main scene of the PKK terrorism."

As we had, also, warned about in our March 3, 2007 report titled "US Alliance With ‘Cult Of Angels’ Raises Russian War Fears As World Rivers Face Mysterious New Danger", the dangers of Turkey’s confrontation with the United States will result in both Russia and China moving Military Forces into the Middle East to protect their strategic interests, and to which the Americans and their Allies will be forced to respond to.
Russian Military Analysts following the desperate moves of the United States to quickly achieve its war goals in the Middle East are reporting today that they concur with the dire estimates of American Military Forces coming from that Western Nation, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "Military Is Ill-Prepared For Other Conflicts", and which says:

"Four years after the invasion of Iraq, the high and growing demand for U.S. troops there and in Afghanistan has left ground forces in the United States short of the training, personnel and equipment that would be vital to fight a major ground conflict elsewhere, senior U.S. military and government officials acknowledge.
More troubling, the officials say, is that it will take years for the Army and Marine Corps to recover from what some officials privately have called a "death spiral," in which the ever more rapid pace of war-zone rotations has consumed 40 percent of their total gear, wearied troops and left no time to train to fight anything other than the insurgencies now at hand.
The risk to the nation is serious and deepening, senior officers warn, because the U.S. military now lacks a large strategic reserve of ground troops ready to respond quickly and decisively to potential foreign crises, whether the internal collapse of Pakistan, a conflict with Iran or an outbreak of war on the Korean Peninsula. Air and naval power can only go so far in compensating for infantry, artillery and other land forces, they said. An immediate concern is that critical Army overseas equipment stocks for use in another conflict have been depleted by the recent troop increases in Iraq, they said.
"We have a strategy right now that is outstripping the means to execute it," Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Army chief of staff, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday."

But the most troubling report of all from the Kremlin relating to these events are those ‘suggestions’ from Russian and Chinese Military Analysts that if war between the East and West is indeed imminent, there is no better time to confront the United States on its own soil then now.
To the American people themselves there remains no evidence at all that they are aware of the horrific war they are now facing, but to which they also seem not to care about.

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